• Physicals for Green Hills Sports

    If your child is participating in school sports, you will need to submit either:
    1. A Sport Physical Packet (all 12 pages!)  
    Sport physicals are required for all athletes and are good for 1 calendar year from the date of the exam.  If your child's last sport physical is more than 1 year old by the first day of the season, you need to submit a new Sport Physical Packet.  A regular physical form is not sufficient.
    2. A Health History Update for Sports (1 page) 
    If your child's sport physical was less than 1 year before the start of the season, the sport physical is still valid and you only need to submit this Health History Update for Sports
    Forms should be given DIRECTLY to the nurse.  Parents who do not meet the deadline will need to drive the sport physical paperwork over to our school physician for approval. His details are available in the main office.  
    Please also note:  
    • These forms are linked above and there are also printed copies in the main office vestibule and the nurse's office.  
    • These forms should be returned directly to the nurse.  Please remind your child to give them to me and NOT the coach, his/her teacher, the main office, etc.  
    • For the Sport Physical Packet, ALL PAGES ARE REQUIRED. The contents are as follows: 
      • 4-page physical -  filled out by both parent and doctor 
      • The rest is completed by the student & parent: 
        • Concussion acknowledgement 
        • Cardiac sign-off  
        • Opioid sign-off   
        • Green Township Athletic Participation Form  
        • COVID questions
    • If your child is not participating in field hockey, soccer, basketball, track, ski club or any other sport, there is no need to submit a sport physical.  
    • Important Information about Emergency Medications:  Students that may need inhalers, epi-pens, glucagon or other emergency medication during sports must have a current doctor’s order on file in the nurses’ office (likely you already did this).  It is very important that your child be trained and capable of self-administering his/her medication as the nurse is not present for practices/games.  Also, while some students are approved to "self-carry," it is also strongly recommended that these students have a back-up inhaler, epi-pen, etc. to keep in their team’s medical kit if needed.
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this state-mandated requirement and in maintaining your child’s good health!  
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