• Green Hills School


    Green Hills School is a K-8 public school located in scenic Sussex County, New Jersey. Our mission at Green is to educate every student to become a confident and caring life-long learner, who can communicate and contribute positively to the changing needs of society. The district, in cooperation with the community, will provide an academic environment that values excellence, initiative, and diversity of our students, while supporting a program of study that is congruent with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

    GHS Motto:

    Stronger Together

    GHS Vision:

    Through the investment in human capital and by valuing and treating all learners as unique, intelligent individuals we will unleash our full potential and become, by far, the best school district in the state of NJ.

    Home of the Mustangs  

Teacher of the Year

  •  Congratulations to our 2021-22 TEACHER of the YEAR Lisa Sprofera!!!!

    Ms. Sprofera is a highly respected teacher at Green Hills School.  Her first grade classroom is warm and inviting for all of her students.  She never misses an opportunity for a teachable moment, her lessons are creative and effective.  Ms. Sprofera has a wonderful rapport with her students, who respect her immensely.  During the 2020-2021 pandemic school year, Ms. Sprofera continued her excellence in reaching students on all levels.  One parent said, “It is with the sincerest of sentiment that I state she was the glue that held this class together, kept learning alive, successful, and on track.”  She truly wants every child to be the best that they can be. 

    Collegially Ms. Sprofera is a veteran leader among her colleagues.  Many on staff look to her for guidance.  If any teacher needs anything, she is there.  Oftentimes teachers are overheard saying, “Go ask Lisa.  She will know.”  She is irreplaceable!



Support Staff of the Year

  •  Congratulations to our 2021-22 Educational Support Person of the YEAR Amy O'Neill!!!!

    Mrs. O’Neill has been a consistent positive influence in our Green Hills community for 10 years.  The relationship that Mrs. O’Neill has with the students she works with is one that is built on respect and empathy.  She truly cares about all of the students in our school, not just those who she directly is responsible for.  

    Mrs. O’Neill works tirelessly with her colleagues, both teachers and paraprofessionals.  She assists in adapting lessons for her students, she always offers to go above and beyond to help out other professionals in any way that she can.  Mrs. O’Neill continues to make Green Hills School a better place each and every day!


Our History

  • In 1902 Green Township had 4 schools ---Huntsburg, Huntsville,Tranquility, and Greensville. The first school in Green Township appears to have been one located just northwest of Huntsville in 1790. The first official school was built in Huntsville in 1835 and replaced with a new building in 1865. However, this school was built on land for which the D.L. & W. railroad had a right of way. Since the railroad was running over the existing school, they agreed to build a new one.