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    Special Education Dept.

    Green Township School District provides accomodations and modifications to children in the general education environment through the Student Assistance Team and special education and related services through the Child Study Team. If your child is experiencing academic, behavioral, social/emotional, or medical issues that are negatively impacting education, please call me: 973-300-3800 ext. 524 or email:cclark@greenhills.org.

    The first step in the special education process is a written referral from the parent/guardian (with a live signature), requesting an evaluation to determine whether your child (ages 3-21) is eligible for special education and related services or speech services. You will then be invited to a meeting to be held within 20 calendar days of recieving the referral. The purpose of the meeting is to review available information about your child, his/her educational progress, determine if an evaluation is warranted, and if so, to develop an evaluation plan. Evaluations can only begin after a parent/guardian signs giving written consent to proceed.

    After the agreed upon evaluations are completed, you will recieve written evaluation reports at least 10 days before an eligibility meeting, which will be held within 90 days of your consent for the evaluation. If your child is eligible for special education and related services, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting will be held either immediately following the eligibility meeting or within 15 days of the eligibility meeting. The initial program will only begin after you have agreed to it. 

    I know these processes can be confusing and overwhelming. If you have questions or concerns, please call me.

  • Mrs. Carroll Clark, Coordinator

    (973)300-3800 ex. 524


    Mrs. Tiffany Lutz - Social Worker Ex. 220

    Mrs. Kathy Wolfe- Speech Therapist Ex. 301