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  • Message from our Child Study Team Coordinator

    Special Education Dept.

    Your child may be eligible for special services and is entitled to an evaluation to determine if these services are needed. Green Hills School employs a staff of professionals who are able to identify and provide special services for students ages 3-21.

    Our students are evaluated by a variety of methods for program eligibility. Please talk to your child's teacher as the first step if you feel your child is in need of special services.

  • Mrs. Carroll Clark, Coordinator

    (973)300-3800 ex. 524


    Mrs. Karen Williams - LDTC Ex. 218

    Mrs. Tiffany Lutz - Social Worker Ex. 220

    Mrs. Kathy Wolfe- Speech Therapist Ex. 301

    Mrs. Sue Bloodgood - Occupational Therapist Ex. 209