Peer to Peer
  • Peer to Peer is open to students in Grades 7 & 8. It runs throughout the school year beginning in October. Potential members are required to fill out a contract and plan out an Outreach to be considered. 


    This year's group of Peer to Peer students has been extremely positive and shown dedication to the group despite all the activities they are involved with. They are currently planning our first outreach with third grade!  They will be focusing the outreach on our GHS Core Values.



Third-Grade Team-Building Outreach


  • Peer to Peer is a program that provides opportunities for leadership development.  The goal is to act as a catalyst for change in our community and school and create future societal leaders. We look for students that have the skill sets to become exemplary peer leaders.  Peer leaders are chosen based on their enthusiasm, focus, understanding, flexibility, and overall interaction with all students, not just one another. They are individuals with the ability to create positive reactions and bring about change.  


    Mrs. Francisoi

    Ms. Ronsini