• Open sessions for Grades 6-8 will begin on Monday, September 12th.  Students that sign up will be picked up from their lunch 20 minutes into the period so that they have time to eat.  

    You MUST SIGN UP DAILY DURING YOUR HOMEROOM.  If you sign up outside of the allotted time (8:17-8:42, daily) you will not be able to attend that day.  Space is limited, so it is on a first come, first serve basis.  


    Performing Arts: Period 5, Monday-Friday

    STEM: Period 5, Monday-Friday

    Art: Period 5, Monday & Wednesday

    Art: Period 6, Monday & Wednesday

    E-Sports/Tech Lab: Period 5,  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday  

    E-Sports/Tech Lab: Period 6, Thursday & Friday

    Tech Lab: Period 6, Tuesday   

    Performing Arts Sign Up

    STEM Sign Up

    Art/E-Sports & Computer Lab Sign Up

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