Annie Jr.

    Due to the delayed shedule for Thursday, March 22, the High School is unable to provide a preview of "Tommy". Therefore the field trip is cancelled.


    Thank you to the 6th-grade boys for doing such an amazing job with auditions!


    Bruno- Howe (FBI)

    Asher- President

    Dylan- Man and Bundles understudy

    Shea- Usher

    Josh- Announcer

    Matt- FBI





    Important information:

    If you are listed as "Named Orphan", you will be given lines and will be in all of the orphan scenes and songs.

    The song "Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" will be sung TWICE. Fist by Bert Healy, then by the orphans.

    If you are a servant or ensemble, you will be able to double in other scenes.

    The first rehearsal will be in the Performing Arts room on Thursday, January 25 until 3:30 pm.


    Cast list

    (In no particular order)

    Kayla W. - Tessie/Star to Be

    Isabella- Annie

    Ivy- Grace


    Sydney- Pepper

    Kassandra- Lily

    McKenzie- Annette/Ensemble

    Rhiannon- Ms. Hannigan


    Maia- Ward/Ensemble

    Madison- Drake

    Courtney- Dogcatcher/Ensemble

    Julia- Kate

    Nicole- Named Orphan

    Audree- Named orphan

    Morgan- Named orphan

    Sammy- Mrs. Pugh/ Ensemble

    Yoshi- Molly

    Kira- Mrs. Greer/Ensemble


    Ava- Apple seller/Ensemble

    Kayla Y. – Sandy/Ensemble

    Ty- Warbucks

    Kenny- Burt Healy (soloist)/ Ensemble

    Chris- Rooster

    Aydan- Bundles/Ensemble


    If I missed you on the list, please email dminervini@greenhills.org