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    Below is a brief description of the topics for each unit. Links to videos are provided to help you understand instructional strategies being taught in class.

     Module/Unit 5: Identifying, Composing, and Partitioning Shapes

    In Module 5, students consider part–whole relationships through a geometric lens. The module opens with students identifying the defining parts, or attributes, of two- and three-dimensional shapes, building on their kindergarten experiences of sorting, analyzing, comparing, and creating various two- and three-dimensional shapes and objects. Students combine shapes to create a new whole: a composite shape. They also relate geometric figures to equal parts and name the parts as halves and fourths. The module closes with students applying their understanding of halves to tell time to the hour and half hour.

    Some of the video links below will take you to another school website, where the teachers have created short homework videos to help parents help their students. If looking for help on a lesson, refer to the lesson number in the top right corner of a worksheet. Example below.


  • Currently, we do not have HW videos for each lesson in this module. However, there are a few. Please see the link below.
    G1 Mod 5 HW pages