Green Township School Board 

    Marie Bilik- President - mbilik@greenhills.org

    Ann Marie Cooke - Vice-President - acooke@greenhills.org

    Noah Haiduc-Dale - nhaiduc-dale@greenhills.org

    Matthew Fox - Mrfox@greenhills.org

    Scott Guzzo - sguzzo@greenhills.org

    Denise Kelly-Jones - Dkelly-Jones@greenhills.org

    Kristin Post - kpost@greenhills.org

    Michael Rose - mrose@greenhills.org

    Robert Strasser - rstrasser@greenhills.org


    Interim Superintendent: Dr. Lydia E. Furnari lfurnari@greenhills.org

    Interim School Business Administrator/Board Secretary: Dr. Vincent Occhino  vocchino@greenhills.org


    The Green Township Board of Education is dedicated to our mission statement and in serving the children and citizens of Green Township, New Jersey. We read our mission statement at the beginning of every meeting to remind ourselves and the public of the task which stands before us. We realize you, the public, have entrusted us in ensuring the children of Green Township receive the best possible education in a safe caring environment. We take this responsibility very seriously and thank you for your support.

    Our Mission

    "Our mission at Green is to educate every student in a safe and secure environment to become a confident and caring life-long learner, who can communicate and contribute positively to the changing needs of society. The district, in cooperation with the community, will provide an academic environment that values excellence, initiative and diversity of our students and community, while supporting a program of studies that is congruent with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards."

     Our District Goals

    Green Township Board of Education

    District Goals

    2019-2020 School Year

    Goal 1: By June 2020, the Green Township School District will provide every student with educational opportunities designed to foster the attainment of "success skills" such as integrity, empathy, self-control, embracing diversity and grit, in order to encourage academic and social-emotional self-confidence, curiosity, perseverance, reflection and creativity, as measured by a variety of quantitative and qualitative school data.

    Goal 2: By June 2020, the Green Township School District will foster and support its policy for respectful communication and collaboration among all members of our school community.  Additionally, the District will provide opportunities for parents and the comunity to engage in activities that inform our work, including but not limited to surveys, workshops and the upcoming superintendent search process, as measured by a review of climate and culture data and event records.

    Goal 3: By June 2020, the Green Township School District will continue to evaluate current practices regarding management of fiscal, operational and human resources that support the District's vision, mission, goals and objectives, and will make modifications for improvement based on that evaluation, as measured by data gathered during our participation in activities including but not limited to the Tri-District Consortium, the annual audit, and a review of the District's Long Range Facilities Plan.