Interdistrict School Choice

  • Green Hills School in Greendell, NJ has been an Interdistrict School Choice location since the inception of the program in 2013. Under the Interdistrict School Choice Program, interested New Jersey school districts apply to become choice districts, opening seats for non-resident students at the expense of the state. As such, parents of students may apply for their child(ren) to attend Green Hills School, placing them on our waiting list, which we use to accept students as seats become available.

    Green Hills was selected based on the following criteria:

    1. the fiscal impact on the district
    2. the quality and variety of academic programs offered within the district
    3. the potential effectiveness of the student application process and of the admissions criteria utilized
    4. the impact on student population diversity in the district
    5. the degree to which the program will promote or reduce educational quality in the choice district and the sending districts.


    Green Hills is a beautiful Preschool to 8th grade school located in southwest Sussex County. Green has small class sizes and a commitment to treating all learners as unique, intelligent individuals.  We believe that it is essential to the success of our students that we invest all of our resources in support of their growth and development. In this way, we strive to create a learning environment that promotes the best possible outcomes for our students so that they are well prepared to meet all of life's future challenges. We believe that families from outside of Green should be able to experience what make Green Hills so special. In accordance with NJDOE regulations, Green Hills School has a maximum of 52 seats available for Interdistrict School Choice students.

    There is currently a waiting list for seats for the 2024-2025 school year. Please contact Mr. Jon Paul Bollette for more information

     Contact information: 

    Green Hills School: 973-300-3800

    Mr. Jon Paul Bollette, Principal/Coordinator of Instruction

    Dr. Jennifer Cenatiempo, Superintendent